Shoreland Management

Lyon County Planning and Zoning is the local government unit that administers the State of Minnesota Shoreland program. This involves planning and zoning assistance to local governmental units by DNR Area Hydrologists and Shoreland Management staff.

Minnesota's shoreland management options are provided to landowners with the aim of helping landowners to understand and respond to local residents with guidance on protecting and shoreland areas, and local watersheds; balancing those concerns with the desires of local land development.

The following link provide an excellent set of resources for shoreland management.

minnesota shoreland management resource guide



Lyon County Planning & Zoning administers and provides maintenance oversight for the County Ditch System which includes 200 miles of drainage ditches. Activities include ditch clean-out, vegetation and brush control, tile repair, drainage surveys, conducting information meetings and preparing ditch assessment recommendations. 

 Lyon County Ditch Map


Feedlot Program

The County feedlot program is a cooperative arrangement between the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) and Lyon County government to administer Minnesota's feedlot rule. This cooperative program is known as "county delegation" or the "county feedlot program." The Lyon County feedlot program is responsible for the implementation of Minnesota feedlot rules and regulations for feedlots with less than 1000 animal units.

Lyon County became a delegated county in April of 2009. Currently, Lyon County is working toward completing a county-wide inventory of feedlots by July 2011. This inventory process will help to assist producers to stay in compliance with Minnesota Rules Chapter 7020.


Septic Systems

Lyon County Planning & Zoning administers Minnesota Rules Chapters 7080-7083 through their local Subsurface Sewage Treatment System (SSTS) ordinance; issuing permits for systems designed with flows up to 10,000 gallons per day. 

In Lyon County, inspections are required for all new septic system construction and replacement. Lyon County ordinances also state that septic systems must be in compliance with Minnesota Rules Chapter 7080-7083 at the time of a property transfer. Existing systems must also be inspected when there is a bedroom addition on a building permit, or when any building permit or variance is requested for systems located in a shoreland area.

Lyon County currently offers low-interest loans for qualifying residents seeking to upgrade an existing system. Loan dollars are offered through local watershed districts, and are applied to property taxes as a special assessment. The length of the loan can be up to 10 years at a rate of interest of 4%.

Comprehensive Plan

This document is the Comprehensive Plan for Lyon County, Minnesota. This Plan sets forth the basic guiding principals that have been embraced by Lyon County to shape its future. It evolved through the interchange of information, analysis and response between the citizens, community leaders, staff and public officials within the county through a planning process undertaken from 2001 to 2002.

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Download this file (Introductory_Pages.pdf)Introductory Pages69 kB
Download this file (Chapter01_Introduction.pdf)Chapter 01 - Introduction132 kB
Download this file (Chapter02_Demographic_Characteristics.pdf)Chapter 02 - Demographic Characteristics257 kB
Download this file (Chapter03_Economic_Development.pdf)Chapter 03 - Economic Development124 kB
Download this file (Chapter04_Housing.pdf)Chapter 04 - Housing Chapter120 kB
Download this file (Chapter05_Community_Facilities.pdf)Chapter 05 - Community Facilities207 kB
Download this file (Chapter06_Transportation.pdf)Chapter 06 - Transportation242 kB
Download this file (Chapter07_Environmental_Features.pdf)Chapter 07 - Environmental Features151 kB
Download this file (Chapter08_Land_Use_Zoning_Growth.pdf)Chapter 08 - Land Use Zoning & Growth159 kB
Download this file (Chapter09_Growth_Corridor_SubArea_Plan.pdf)Chapter 09 - Growth Corridor Sub-Area Plan236 kB
Download this file (Chapter10_Implementation.pdf)Chapter 10 - Implementation68 kB
Download this file (Appendix_A.pdf)Appendix A47 kB
Download this file (Appendix_B.pdf)Appendix B16 kB
Download this file (Appendix_C.pdf)Appendix C15 kB
Download this file (Appendix_D.pdf)Appendix D879 kB
Download this file (Appendix_E.pdf)Appendix E82 kB
Download this file (Appendix_F.pdf)Appendix F393 kB
Download this file (Appendix_G.pdf)Appendix G16 kB
Download this file (FIG_1-3.pdf)Figure 1-3: Lyon County Base Map1255 kB
Download this file (FIG_6-1.pdf)Figure 6-1: Roadway Jurisdiction266 kB
Download this file (FIG_6-2.pdf)Figure 6-2: Jurisdiction Change Potentials272 kB
Download this file (FIG_6-3.pdf)Figure 6-3: Existing Traffic Volumes168 kB
Download this file (FIG_6-4.pdf)Figure 6-4: Projected 20 Year Traffic Volumes164 kB
Download this file (FIG_6-5.pdf)Figure 6-5: Road Restriction Map262 kB
Download this file (FIG_6-6.pdf)Figure 6-6: Roadway Right of Way462 kB
Download this file (FIG_6-7.pdf)Figure 6-7: Hierarchy of Movement32 kB
Download this file (FIG_6-8.pdf)Figure 6-8: Functional Classification Relationship-Access & Mobility50 kB
Download this file (FIG_6-9.pdf)Figure 6-9: Roadway Functional Classification270 kB
Download this file (FIG_6-10.pdf)Figure 6-10: 5 Year Construction Plan426 kB
Download this file (FIG_6-11.pdf)Figure 6-11: Trail Plan305 kB
Download this file (FIG_7-2.pdf)Figure 7-2: County Slope Information837 kB
Download this file (FIG_7-3.pdf)Figure 7-3: Public Open Space1214 kB
Download this file (FIG_8-1.pdf)Figure 8-1: Existing Land Cover2153 kB
Download this file (FIG_8-2.pdf)Figure 8-2: Important Agricultural Land1496 kB
Download this file (FIG_8-3.pdf)Figure 8-3: Future Land Use1080 kB
Download this file (FIG_9-2sub.pdf)Figure 9-2: Sub Area Plan Corridors327 kB
Download this file (FIG_9-3.pdf)Figure 9-3: Future Land Use, Sub Area Growth Corridor253 kB
Download this file (FIG_9-4a.pdf)Figure 9-4a: Future Land Use Assumptions, City of Marshall258 kB
Download this file (FIG_9-5.pdf)Figure 9-5: Trunk Highway Study Corridors284 kB
Download this file (FIG_9-6.pdf)Figure 9-6: Trunk Highway Growth Corridors - Access Inventory865 kB
Download this file (FIG_9-7.pdf)Figure 9-7: Trunk Highway Growth Corridors - Access Inventory791 kB
Download this file (FIG_9-8.pdf)Figure 9-8: Trunk Highway Growth Corridors - Access Inventory924 kB
Download this file (FIG_9-9.pdf)Figure 9-9: Trunk Highway Growth Corridors - Access Inventory729 kB
Download this file (FIG_9-10.pdf)Figure 9-10: Trunk Highway Growth Corridors - Access Inventory1095 kB
Download this file (FIG_9-11.pdf)Figure 9-11: Trunk Highway Growth Corridors - Access Inventory853 kB
Download this file (FIG_9-12.pdf)Figure 9-12: Trunk Highway Growth Corridors - Access Management Plan851 kB
Download this file (FIG_9-15.pdf)Figure 9-15: Trunk Highway Growth Corridors - Access Management Plan660 kB
Download this file (FIG_9-16.pdf)Figure 9-16: Trunk Highway Growth Corridors - Access Management Plan793 kB
Download this file (FIG_9-17.pdf)Figure 9-17: Trunk Highway Growth Corridors - Access Management Plan854 kB
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