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Department Contacts

County Parks (507) 532-8214
Brooke Kor (507) 829-3927
Spencer Kor (507) 532-1308
Roger Schroeder - Administrator
(507) 532-1306
Stephanie Bethke-DeJaeghere
(507) 532-1307
Darron Grahn (507) 532-8211
Phone:  (507) 865-4615

Gene Rasmussen - Supervisor
Abby Sullivan-Appel - Accounting



There’s no better excuse for getting outside than feeding your thirst for nature photography. Nowadays a lot of people spend too much time indoors, and going outside is extremely beneficial for your wellbeing – that’s for both your health and enjoyment. Nature photography is extremely therapeutic if you can reap enjoyment from it. If you have had a stressful week, heading out to be alone with your camera and the natural world can be a great way to wind down and forget any troubles. Nature is everywhere – you don’t need to look far to find a beautiful scene or a bird that is willing to come to a bird feeder. You don’t have to book a studio and a model to take photos; just go outside and start clicking that shutter.

Most people admire nature in some form. Whether that be appreciating a dramatic, serene landscape or the glint in a swooping eagle’s eye, your photos are going to be appreciated by a wide audience. If you are looking to share something that people can connect with, nature photography is a great way to do this. Nature photos will transport the viewer into your shoes, allowing them to imagine the scene as if they were there with you. Providing this window into the natural world to those who may not be able to access it themselves is a great thing to do.

Garvin Park and Twin Lakes Park and the Camden Regional Trail offer unlimited options to express your artistic creativity.

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