The Lyon County Parks Department is assessing current and future needs while establishing AIS specific program development and implementation. Understanding the extent of nearby threats and collecting relevant background information is crucial to broadening prevention efforts. This information reveals water access points, property managers, lake characteristics, etc.  Identifying water bodies currently infested with AIS and understanding pathways of introduction enables the increase of awareness and prevention. Installing vehicle counters at various launch sites across the county will benefit our understanding of boat launch activity by hour and day. This will allow the county to measure use at the various water bodies. 



How Action Supports AIS Prevention

Time Frame

Understand pathways of introduction to local waters.

Gaining knowledge of potential pathways will allow preventative measures to take place before any infestations occur


Continue to Monitor

Identify water bodies currently affected or at risk of AIS

Prioritize areas of concern to provide direction and ability to predict future invasions


Continue to Monitor

Install traffic counters at select public accesses.

This action will help the county prioritize resources in the future by quantifying the use of various water accesses.


Purchase additional AIS Removal tools at major boat landings and box for Disposal.

With the tools needed to remove AIS with no supervision, users may feel curious enough to utilize them

Continued Efforts into 2019


Table 1. Summary of Assessments

According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) are species that are not native to Minnesota and cause harm to economic prosperity, the environment, and human health. Certain Aquatic Invasive Species have established in Minnesota waters and others are a major concern for future infestation.  It is our ultimate goal to create a sustainable prevention plan to ensure our waters maintain a healthy ecosystem and a sufficient biomass to protect the strength of our native species, economy, and recreation uses.

These non-native species are the cause of significant ecological and socio-economic problems. They harm ecosystems and threaten the integrity of water resources while degrading natural resources.  They also harm native fish populations, water quality, and water recreation. This plan outlines the efforts Lyon County will undertake to prevent the spread of AIS within Minnesota. This management plan focuses on preventing the introduction of AIS, limiting the spread of existing AIS, and controlling AIS where it is economically and environmentally feasible.

The attached document outlines the management and outreach plan for Lyon County.


Download this file (AISmanagementplan2018.pdf)AISmanagementplan2018.pdf1497 kB

With the news that zebra mussel was found in Murray County (Lake Sarah) it is clear that no lake is immune from potential AIS threats. Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) refers to all aquatic species not native to our region that were transported here through several pathways. Please remember to follow State of Minnesota invasive species laws by taking the steps below, or learn more at the MN DNR AIS website.


1. CLEAN all visible aquatic plants, zebra mussels, and other prohibited invasive species from watercraft, trailers, and water-related equipment before leaving any water access or shoreland.


2. DRAIN water-related equipment (boat, ballast tanks, portable bait containers, motor) and drain bilge, livewell and baitwell by removing drain plugs before leaving a water access or shoreline property. Keep drain plugs out and water-draining devices open while transporting watercraft.

Q&A – Boat draining, drain plugs, and bait container draining  PDF


3. DISPOSE of unwanted bait, including minnows, leeches, and worms, in the trash. It is illegal to release bait into a waterbody or release aquatic animals from one waterbody to another. If you want to keep your bait, you must refill the bait container with bottled or tap water.

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