Highway 23 Marshall Safety Assessment Report

WILLMAR, Minn. – The Minnesota Department of Transportation and its partners, the City of Marshall, Lyon County and the Marshall Area Transportation Group are pleased to release the Highway 23 Marshall Safety Assessment final report.
SRF, Inc. was contracted by partners in early 2016 to conduct the safety assessment. The purpose was to evaluate the current and future performance of Highway 23 through Marshall, facilitate a discussion between local partners, stakeholders and the public, provide a list of opportunities and recommendations and establish priorities to improve the safety of Highway 23 and to develop a common vision to identify, prioritize and design future safety improvements.

Notice to County Road Ditch Hay Users

Notice to County Road Ditch Hay Users:


Lyon County applied the Dow AgroSciences herbicide Milestone to all county right-of-way in the fall of 2017 as a weed control measure.  There are certain label restrictions for use of Milestone-treated grass hay, specifically concerning manure spread on alfalfa or land to be planted with soybeans.  Please contact the Lyon County Highway Department or an agronomy professional for questions regarding label restrictions of this application. 


Dean Berg

Maintenance Superintendent



Aaron VanMoer

County Engineer




Additional Information


The soil residual activity of Milestone herbicide is what provides more than a few days’ worth of weed control. By contrast, 2,4-D controls some weeds that have emerged, but 2,4-D does little to control weed seedlings that emerge days later.


In the soil

The active ingredient aminopyralid in Milestone both broadens the spectrum of control and provides soil residual activity to control susceptible weeds that germinate for several weeks after spraying.

Over the season, the active ingredient breaks down and its soil residual activity dissipates. But enough may remain for the next two to three years to damage extremely sensitive crops if Milestone ends up in cropland.  Don’t plant a broadleaf crop until an adequately sensitive field bioassay shows the crop won’t be affected, Dow AgroSciences recommends.


In the plant

While the herbicide is still active in the soil, grasses may absorb and store the active ingredient, so it may be present in hay harvested from treated grass for up to 18 months after treatment. Treated grass hay should never be used, sold or given away for mulch or compost. Enough aminopyralid could leach from the hay to damage sensitive broadleaf plants. Likewise, don’t feed treated hay on land to be planted to sensitive crops.


Through the animal

When a grazing animal ingests treated grass or grass hay carrying aminopyralid residue, the residue passes through without harm to the animal. But the active ingredient may be present in the manure or urine for three days after consuming the treated forage. For that reason, manure from animals that have consumed grass or hay treated with aminopyralid should be used only on permanent grass

pasture. Don’t spread it on cropland or provide it to others for gardening purposes. Spread the manure on permanent pastures only.

2018 Spring Load Restrictions

The Lyon County Highway Department will be keeping Spring Load Restrictions on all gravel and posted paved roads until Monday, May 7th.  MnDOT has ended their restrictions after 8 weeks but due to the early start of postings and unseasonably cold and wet month of April, Lyon County will be keeping postings up for one additional week to help preserve its gravel roads and pavements.


Marshall MN 56258
Ph. (507) 532-8205
Fax (507) 532-8216 Aaron VanMoer

Lyon County is announcing that truck spring load restrictions will be starting Thursday
March 8, 2018 for all Lyon County Highways. The Minnesota Department of Transportation has announced the starting date of spring load
restrictions in the SOUTH FROST ZONES starting on Tuesday, March 6, 2018 at 12:01 a.m.  County employees are scheduled to install weight limit signs on restricted paved roads on Thursday.  Gravel county roads will not be posted as they are restricted to 5-ton axle weights during the spring load restrictions period by statute. In general, spring load restrictions on local roads (county, city and township roads) follow the
same dates as the State Trunk Highways, however any local road can be restricted at any time
during the year so long as the restricted load limit is posted. This depends on the condition of the
roads. The local road authority can keep spring restrictions on longer if they deem them
necessary.  MnDOT can keep state highways weight-restricted for a maximum of 8 consecutive weeks. The Lyon County 2018 Spring Load Restriction map can be viewed at the Lyon County website at
www.lyonco.org.  A regional map showing neighboring counties’ road postings is also available. Please contact the Lyon County Highway Department at (507) 532-8205 for further information.
Aaron VanMoer
County Engineer
Lyon County Highway Department

County Highway Construction Update

County Highway Construction will begin this week with Central Specialties, Inc moving in to pave the bituminous overlays in the eastern part of the county. These bituminous overlays will take approximately 4 weeks. Motorists can expect slight delays due to pilot cars and flagging but the roads will remain open to traffic during paving. Other Lyon County Construction:
Cottonwood Main St and Minneota 4th St final paving - Late May
Township Box Culverts - Fall
Camden Bridges - Fall/Winter ’17 and Summer ‘18

County Highway Paving 2017

Download this file (PavingSchedule2017.pdf)Paving Schedule 2017757 kB

Public Notice Five Year Construction Plan

Public comment will be received on Tuesday, April 15, 2014 at 10:00 a.m. in the Commissioner’s Room of the Lyon County Government Center, Marshall, Minnesota.  A draft copy of the Plan is available at www.lyonco.org.  If you can not attend but wish to make comment, please forward your comments in writing to the Lyon County Highway Engineer, 504 Fairgrounds Road, Marshall, MN  56258 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hours and Locations

Lyon County Government Center

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Public Works Building

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Law Enforcement Center

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Lyon County Zoning/SWCD

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Lyon County Landfill

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